A safer way to go with E-cigarettes

What is an e-cigarette?

An e-cigarette is a battery operated device that is used as an alternative to tobacco smoking. It produces the same physical appearance, taste and sensation as a normal cigarette but comparatively e cigs are healthier because they do not cause health complications. It contains an atomizer which initiates the liquid nicotine inside it to turn into vapor and can be inhaled. Among the flavors, you have many options to choose from and they are reusable.


Are e-cigarettes safe?

Compared to a tobacco cigarette, the advantages of e cigarettes are many. The main health benefits are that they don’t give out smoke, tar and do not contain tobacco. This greatly reduces the major health risks. It contains only nicotine that gives the same feeling as usual cigarette smoking.

Electronic cigarettes also don’t cause any odor or bad breath. They prevent staining your teeth plus your fingers and clothes also won’t be smelling.

Another reason why electric cigs are the best alternative to smoking is that they are completely legal in public areas. Since they do not contain harmful chemicals that may harm others around you, it is absolutely okay to smoke them in bars, restaurants or outdoors. E-cigarettes do not contain cancer producing agents (carcinogens) that are present in usual cigarettes. Hence, they are a safer way to go if you wish to quit smoking.


If you are looking to purchase an electric cigarette starter kit online, you will be given a smoking device, cartridge and flavors inside it. The entire kit will cost you about £40 which seems a little expensive at first but then you can reuse it as much as you like. So overall its quite a nice deal in a long run.

The E liquid which turns into vapor when inhaled is made up of nicotine dissolved in polypropylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Both these ingredients are common food additives. They do not cause any irritation or allergies to the respiratory system and are often known to be present in asthma inhalers. All these substances that are used in the making of the e cigarette are approved by the FDA hence they are completely safe to use.

The health risks of electronic cigarettes are considerably less compared to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Electronic-cigs also do not cause any harm to the brain, circulatory system as well as the respiratory system. It does not disturb the functioning of the lungs or any other organs. It is also noted that most smokers prefer e-cigs over other medications since this method is a lot cheaper too. Regular smokers saved up to £1000 every year on smoking costs by using this cigarette. This is definitely a healthier alternative than to risk yourself of health hazards. In the UK, more and more people are adopting the smoking of e cigarettes as it helps them get over their smoking habit as well as reduce health problems. You could order your starter kit today itself. Place your orders online at very reasonable rates